Rights group says Chinese police open fire on Tibetan protesters

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and this is NOT a good thing.

i reblogged this two minutes ago and im reblogging it again because this needs to be fucking blown up everywhere. this shit seems planned and it sounds like a fucking mass murder. i cant fathom that…

You can’t just pick a criminal out of a crowd, this will be a fucking horrible. A criminal has no specific look! We already know they’re going to stereotype and violate several rights. This Is gonna be fucking horrible. A criminal has no certain look or demeanor, like how tf are they gonna do that??


I swear to god it’s like I walked into the fucking twilight zone


For anyone who doesn’t know who Michael Brown is or what’s been going on in Ferguson

Edit: I’ll do my best to keep this updated. If there’s anything I missed or anything that is incorrect please let me know and I’ll change it or add it

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i haven’t had much to say about what’s been going on in Ferguson but I will say this much. 

I know some of y’all are invested in the work that Anonymous does but please tread lightly. 

Anonymous has declared today a “National Day of Rage” at the same time the National Moment of Silence vigils organized by black and brown folks all over the country are supposed to be going on. 

There are people on twitter saying that the co-option of the NMOS vigils has gotten so bad that graphics are being stolen in order to advertise for the National Day of Rage 

I’m actually planning on attending the NMOS vigil in downtown Chicago. but I’d be lying if i said i didn’t have reservations. I don’t have reservations about the vigil itself, but about the possibility that it can be co-opted at any time by white anarchists following the lead of Anonymous all for it to turn into a shit show. 

Suffice to say I’m sick of black and brown folks getting together to collectively organize spaces to mourn and heal together all for white leftists to co-opt them itching to live out some deeply romanticized understanding of how the intersections of violence, oppression, and resistance occur.

The same thing almost happened to me last year at the Trayvon Martin rally last Ramadan where members of the Bob Avakian and ISO were arguing with police about how much space the march could take up on the sidewalk and the streets

these same white leftists who treat getting into skirmishes with the police as badges of honor in the struggle.

who have no concern for the PoCs across generations (especially the elderly), the parents with very young children, the young black and brown youths already targeted by police on a daily basis will be affected by their actions. 

who don’t realize that when they start shit with the police for the sake of it its not them who the police will be cracking down on in that moment or going forward. its US! its the people who wanted to gather peacefully and mourn together who will bear the brunt of police brutality in that moment and from then on 

If you want to use your white privilege as an activist, leftist, however you identify yourself 

Starting shit with the police at a peaceful vigil organized by black and brown folks is not the way to go about it. that’s not being a good actively anti-racist person. its actually showing how much you don’t get it and how much this is all a game to you. 

Do not fuck this up!

People have worked really hard in such a short amount of time to be pull this together and it would be a crying shame for unflexed white supremacy to once again rear its ugly head and fuck things up 

People need this space

If you really feel the need to rage then go to a punk or metal show. Save it for the next time the Klan comes to town.

If you’re so anti-racist with your rage use it to face off with your white supremacist brethren somewhere else 

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BREAKING: Black Man Shot and Killed by Police in South L.A.

A 24-year-old man has died after being shot by police during an encounter in the Florence neighborhood of South Los Angeles, officials said Tuesday.

The incident began at 8:12 p.m. when officers responded to a report of a shooting at the intersection of West 65th Street and South Broadway, said Lt. Ellis Imaizumi of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Eight minutes later, at 8:20 p.m., the officers stopped a man who was walking in the 200 block of 65th, authorities said.

“A struggle ensued” and police opened fire, according to a statement from the Police Department.

The man was transported to a hospital where he underwent surgery, according to Officer Sara Faden, spokeswoman for the LAPD. He later succumbed to his injuries. No officers were hurt in the incident.

It is unknown if the suspect has any gang affiliations, police said.

A woman who said she was the deceased man’s mother identified him as Ezell Ford.

Tritobia Ford said her son was lying on the ground and complying with the officers’ commands when he was shot.

Yet another one…It’s always a “struggle.” And why bring it up if it’s unknown. They know exactly what they’re insinuating. Be fearful of black people and not the police… This is insanity. 

EZELL FORD WAS UNARMED. This happened just two days after Mike Brown’s murder. (8/11)

UPDATE: It has been reported that Ezell Ford was mentally disabled.


An eyewitness to the killing, Leroy Hill, describes what happened: “He wasn’t a gang banger at all. I was sitting across the street when it happened. So as he was walking down the street, the police approached him, whatever was said I couldn’t hear it, but the cops jumped out of the car and rushed him over here into this corner. They had him in the corner and were beating him, busted him up, for what reason I don’t know but he didn’t do nothing. The next thing I know I hear a ‘pow!’ while he’s on the ground. They got the knee on him. And then I hear another ‘pow!’ No hesitation. And then I hear another ‘pow!’ Three times.”

At one point while the police had Ford on the ground, but before the shooting took place, Hill said, he heard an officer yell, “Shoot him.”

Unrest has rocked the suburb in the days following Brown’s death. At least four people, including two police officers, have been hurt and 47 arrested in the aftermath of the shooting.


On Wednesday morning in South LA, a group of about 10 young and middle-aged men gathered at a makeshift sidewalk memorial lined with candles and signs that read “Police brutality must stop.”

The men at the memorial near the sight of the shooting were visibly shaken by the events that had unfolded there Monday night. They expressed anger toward the LAPD. They said that Ford wasn’t a gang member at all — that he was a “good guy,” a local man who was born and raised in the neighborhood, one whom everyone knew and liked, who routinely played basketball and who also suffered from some form of mental illness.

While all of the men said Ford suffered from some mental illness, they couldn’t confirm what it was. One young neighbor, who requested to not be identified, said that while “he wasn’t all there, he was there enough to follow orders and know to stop when the police tell him to stop. He did nothing wrong.”

Another eyewitness told KTLA that Ford’s mental state was well-known in the neighborhood and to the police.

"They laid him out and for whatever reason, they shot him in the back, knowing mentally, he has complications. Every officer in this area, from the Newton Division, knows that — that this child has mental problems," the man said in an interview with the local network. "The excessive force … there was no purpose for it. The multiple shootings in the back while he’s laying down? No. Then when the mom comes, they don’t try to console her … they pull the billy clubs out." The young neighbor described the incident as "racial bullshit."



Are you kidding me

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PRIORITIES: Obama races to golf course after making brief statement on Ferguson



Obama took time out of his golf marathon in Martha’s Vineyard to briefly address the riots in Ferguson, Mo.  

What did we learn?  That Obama is in a hurry to get back to the golf course:


And 7 minutes later…





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The worst part of outfitting our police officers as soldiers has been psychological. Give a man access to drones, tanks, and body armor, and he’ll reasonably think that his job isn’t simply to maintain peace, but to eradicate danger. Instead of protecting and serving, police are searching and destroying.

If officers are soldiers, it follows that the neighborhoods they patrol are battlefields. And if they’re working battlefields, it follows that the population is the enemy. And because of correlations, rooted in historical injustice, between crime and income and income and race, the enemy population will consist largely of people of color, and especially of black men. Throughout the country, police officers are capturing, imprisoning, and killing black males at a ridiculous clip, waging a very literal war on people like Michael Brown.



has there been any statements released by any higher forms of government condemning whats going on in ferguson??? because they’re blatantly disregarding rights granted to citizens by the fucking constitution and the governments silence sends a message that this is an acceptable phenomena for police to terrorize civilians that are trying to exorcise their right to peacefully protest 



DO NOT GO ON THE OPFERGUSON (dot) com website!!!!!

There are several reports stating that it is a trap

this is so shady. if you want to read about ‘opferguson’ just go straight to their twitter

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